Friday, 13 February 2009

Nothing new here really

Facebook Settles with ConnectU

People are always saying, hey, if you have a good idea you better get working on it now!! Or else someone else will do it!!!

And that's exactly why I started this blog.

But, uh, hey, wait a minute. Aren't all ideas copies? I mean, as my friend the Classical Scholar said recently, there is nothing new under the sun. Even that was not his own phrase. I think that Steve Jobs said that. (But then I thought about all those geniuses that work late at night, and, well, what about the moon?)

Consider that Facebook is a copy of Connect U. And also that two of my friends have copied my Facebook profile almost verbatim. But I took my profile picture from the website of the Iranian president.

People will also point out, inevitably, especially people like my friend the Mac User, that Microsoft copied its entire idea from Apple. When they do that, you can remind them that Apple copied their idea from Xerox. So Xerox had the original idea. You know, for our lives.

They will probably get bored with the conversation and glance at their iPhone.

But then someone else, like Ovid, is going to say something like, wait, isn't Xerox completely built on copying?

And then that's when you respond with something, like, really original.

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