Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Ships passing

me: what are the chances that two lovers-never-meant-to-be would share space in the same magazine, on the same date?

"For example, I lived in Europe for many years before coming here, and the majority of African communities were refugees, people who fled, and they all depended on the state for their livelihood, for social security and welfare and these kinds of things. That is the trend even now, even now in London and elsewhere. But I found that these guys were different: they are traders, so they are self-employed, they don’t depend on the state. And they even employ people, they even employ young Chinese as their interpreters. That is one striking difference."

We have been on The Island for only a couple of weeks, and our collective state can already be described as exhausted, self-critical, neurotic, and paranoid. We spend most of our time convincing rotating members of our group that they are neither fat nor destined for failure nor going to die alone having never been loved.

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